The Agricultural Association of Citrus Fruit Producers of D.Iardanos (A.S.E.D.I.) was composed in 2003 by a small group of citrus fruit producers-members, who then possessed fields of few acres and with little producing capacity .


In particular, at that time there was no commercial activity abroad while A.S.E.D.I.'s transactions were related to interior trade and to juice production in collaboration with big factories.In 2006, A.S.E.D.I. moved to its new buildings possessing fully equipped facilities of last technology and in 2008 began commercial activities with many european countries, promoting the local citrus fruit of its citrus fruit producers-members.


At this time, A.S.E.D.I. consists of 220 citrus fruit producers-members and its productive capacity extends into the wider area of Ilias' region and specifically into the municipality of Pyrgos.The total quantity of citrus fruit produced amounts to 18.000 tons while the producing capacity is about to increase due to new plantings that are continiously taking place all over the region.Since A.SE.D.I.


was established its major purpose was to promote the local citrus fruit to both inland and abroad as those of great quality and nutritional value.Thus, nowadays A.S.E.D.I.'s commercial partnerships are connected with European countries such as Austria, Hungary, Germany, England, Poland,Bulgaria while even Rossia is recently being added to its customer list.