The Agricultural Association of Citrus Fruit Producers of D.Iardanos (A.S.E.D.I.) has in its property fully equipped facilities, in wich are included cooling rooms,ripening rooms,plastics boxes' washing machinery, waxing machinery, machinery shaping carton boxes, dark rooms,several packaging facilities e.t.c., .


All the machinery are of brand new technology and organized in such a way to produce final citrus products of great quality and competitive to those of foreign markets.With the packaging facilities owned, A.S.E.D.I. has the ability to standardize citrus fruit in a variety of packaging types in order to fulfill all its customers' demands.


In particular, there are packaging types where citrus fruit are placed in several types of carton boxes either being packaged 'in order' or being packaged 'bulk', but'girsaks' and 'nets' are also potential types of packaging .